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Muscle Tension

September 2017 – Issue 2

Everyone has experienced muscle tension. Many people, however, experience muscle tension on a regular basis – even to the extent that they are not fully aware of just how tense their muscles are.

Muscular tension can result from heavy physical work, stressful jobs, repetitive strain of the hands and wrists using computers, poor posture and poor movement.

Specific areas prone to muscular tension are the upper back, shoulders and neck. This can result in headaches, joint pain and even cramps.

Stress can produce tension and tension can reinforce stress. When this two way impact persists over time it can lead to anxiety and a situation where adrenaline and cortisol levels are routinely abnormally high. This in turn can lead to digestive issues, inflammation and reduced immunity.

There are various steps an individual can take to reduce and cut out muscle tension. A few are warm baths, applying heat to the affected area and stretching. Magnesium spray can significantly benefit and reduce the incidence of muscle cramps.

Massage – especially with slow, smooth gliding rhythmical strokes can both stretch and relax the muscles and ease away muscular tension. Massage provides the release of endorphins – the feel good hormone – and helps breathing and lifts mood and feelings.

Regular massage – say once a month – helps re-educate muscles to be more relaxed in situations of stress and can aid improved posture and reduce pain.

Modern lifestyle is more ‘living in your head’ compared with the past – think computer games, television, internet, smartphones and the like. Regular massage can reinforce your connection with your own body and help raise awareness that there is a need to carefully look after our own bodies to promote health and wellbeing.

Do you look after the only physical body you have? When was your last massage to ease muscular tension and lift your mood?

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